Introduction to Weddings in Italy

Italy is perhaps the most flexible wedding destination that we can offer, with venues in areas ranging from the Cobbled City Centres of Rome, to the Waterways of Venice and beautiful shores along the Amalfi Coast. Wed With Us can offer a huge variety of venues across all of the areas in Italy that we specialise in, and we have outlined these areas below.

One of the biggest factors that attracts people to an Italian wedding is the exquisite food and drink that Italy produces. Local produce is at the heart of all Italian wedding receptions, and for wine lovers, there’s no shortage of choice; as Italy is the home of wines such as Prosecco, an Italian wedding means that even the more discerning wine connoisseurs will be pleased. Food lovers will also be delighted, with fresh pasta and pizza dishes aplenty and high in quality.

The geographical diversity of Italy is one of the reasons it is such a flexible wedding destination. Wedding choices range from a coastal wedding on the Amalfi Coast, to a lakeside wedding at Lake Orta, Garda or Como, to a city wedding in Rome or Florence. Italy is home to mountains, volcanoes, beautiful coastlines and lakes – not many countries in Europe can boast all of these features as a potential backdrop for a wedding.

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Important Information About Weddings in Italy

The couple will both need to provide copies of the following documents before the wedding (and also take them upon travel):

  • A valid, 10 year UK passport that does not expire within 6 months of your return to the UK.
  • A statutory declaration, which has also been translated by the Italian Embassy in London. This document must also be certified. Our wedding planners will advise you about the specific wording required on this document.
  • A certificate of no impediment, which can be obtained by a UK registry office within 3 months before the date that you return home. Our wedding planners will advise you about the specific wording required on this document.

Italian law means that any bride who has been married before must wait at least 10 months before she can re-marry.

Copies of all the above documents must be supplied before your wedding day and original copies taken with you to Italy.

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