Get Married in Malta

Reasons to Get Married in Malta

Planning a wedding abroad starts with choosing the perfect destination to make your dream wedding a reality. So what makes Malta the perfect spot to tie the knot? Here are a few reasons why many couples have decided to get married in Malta…

An all-rounder island

First of all, Malta is a small island of only 316km² located in the middle of the Mediterranean, making it an intimate and personal destination for a wedding ceremony. It offers year round sunshine, which makes it a great destination for any time of year. The island also happens to be incredibly photogenic, so you can expect incredible photos capturing your special day!

Malta is also rich with history, with the Megalithic temples being some of the oldest temples in the world. This history is embraced in many of the wedding venues that Malta has to offer. This gives each building its own unique character. You could be saying your vows in one of the intricately designed grand churches, or in some of the private gardens where the history beautifully integrates with nature.

If you are looking for a church wedding, there are over 360 churches and chapels scattered across the islands to choose from. The islands’ Baroque churches with their red or silver domes form an integral part of the Maltese landscape. Local craftsmen adorned the churches & cathedrals with ornate decorations, creating true works of art.

Civil marriages can be celebrated within the Marriage Registry located in Valletta or at any other place open to the public which the Registrar deems to be appropriate.

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Communication is easy!

Another benefit of getting married in Malta is the fact that English is widely spoken. 88% of Maltese can speak English, making it easy to communicate. This is essential if you want your special day to turn out exactly as planned! Despite this, Malta still retains its own culture with a strong local language as well. Maltese people are renowned for their hospitality & friendliness, and often go out of their way to make guests feel at home. This will definitely help to take some of the stress off from intense wedding planning!

Another bonus is that it only takes a 3 hour flight from Gatwick to reach Malta, making it a very practical destination.

There’s an abundance to do…

Despite Malta being such a small island, it is packed with incredible things to do. You could visit the Blue Lagoon in Comino, which is often the most photographed part of the islands – and it’s not hard to see why! The Blue Lagoon is a small bay with crystal clear, azure-coloured water – a great place to relax, swim and snorkel or scuba dive. Malta is ranked 3rd in the world for scuba diving due to the clean water and the abundance to see below sea level. An added bonus is that Malta has the cleanest beaches in Europe, ensuring that nothing ruins this wonderful view.

You can also get involved in a variety of sports & activities such as hiking, wind surfing and rock climbing. Or if you’re looking to spend your time as newlyweds in a more relaxed way, many of the hotels offer indulgent spa treatments and peaceful outdoor pools overlooking stunning views.

Clearly, there are endless reasons to get married in Malta. Why not speak to one of our wedding planners for more information?

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